26 Apr

General Primary/Nonpartisan Election is May 21,2024

CLICK HERE for Advance Voting dates and times.

For in-person advance voting only, Cobb County voters can vote at any of the locations listed in the link above.

CLICK HERE for sample ballots. General Information      

General Information            

  • Advance Voting generally begins 21 days prior to Election Day, or as soon as possible for runoffs.
  • To vote in person you must show one of 6 types of Photo ID.
  •  Ballots cannot be removed from the voting room.

CLICK HERE to log into Georgia My Votor Page and review:

  1. Voter registration status.
  2. Mail-In application and ballot status.
  3. Poll locations.
  4. Early voting locations.
  5. Elected Officials.
  6. Registration information on file with the county office.
  7. Sample ballot for the upcoming election.
  8. Provisional Ballot status.

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